Mr. John Siebert

Mr. Siebert - Mathematics

Class Schedule

1st Hour  7:38-8:28       Integrated Math II
2nd Hour  8:33-9:23       Integrated Math II
3rd Hour   9:28-10:18    Prep Period
4th Hour  10:23-11:13   Algebra I
5th Hour  11:18-12:45   Algebra I
6th Hour  12:50-1:40     Integrated Math II
7th Hour  1:45-2:35       Integrated Math II

 Classroom Rules

ü  Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.

ü  No profanity or inappropriate language.

ü  Be Respectful to Yourself, Classmates, and Teacher.

ü  I will follow the discipline policy outlined in the student handbook along with any other classroom rules established when the need arises.

ü  A seating chart will be established and you are expected to sit in your assigned seat at all times.


ü  Class begins when you enter the room. There may be Daily Dose Problems and/or homework questions on the board and you should begin to work on them IMMEDIATELY.

ü  Class ends when I dismiss you.  You will continue working until I let you know when it is time to put things away.  I will dismiss you from class when the bell rings. 


ü  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to get any assignments you missed THE FIRST DAY YOU RETURN.

ü  Refer to the Student Handbook for specific information regarding the Attendance Policy and Procedures.


ü  Book (or online book), Paper, Pencil EVERY DAY!

ü  You will need a notebook designated specifically for homework only.

ü  A 1” 3-ring binder for notes. Some notes will be on handouts, some on your own paper.

ü  Calculator (See specific information on back)


ü  Failure to follow the rules and procedures will result in any of the following:

1. Warning … Student – Teacher conference

2. Parent phone call and/or Detention

3. Referral to an Administrator

 Formative Assignments (20%)

ü  Homework will be assigned almost every night. However, it is always my intention to set aside class time every day so that you may begin your assignments before you leave.  You are expected to complete each homework assignment nightly and to check to make sure you have the correct answers the following day in class.

ü  IMPORTANT NOTE: All homework assignments completed should be placed in the folder for your hour at the front of the room.  So, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

ü  Failure to make use of class time to complete assignments DAILY will result in parent contact followed by disciplinary action.  THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!

 Summative Assessments (80%)

ü  You will be expected to take approximately 3-4 Tests per quarter. 

ü  Each test value will vary, and count as 80% of your overall grade.

ü  There will be two district-wide finals.  One at the end of 1st Semester and one at the end of 2nd Semester. 


I will be available for tutoring before school (7:00 am or earlier if requested) and after school (until 3:45).  There will be times that I have meetings before and/or after school, so it will be important to check with me to make sure I can be here to help you.  There may be some circumstances where I will be requiring some students to stay for tutoring due to poor performance either on homework or tests.  When these situations arise, I will be making contact with parents to make them aware of the need to stay for tutoring.

 High School Math Department Calculator Recommendation

A basic scientific calculator is acceptable for all high school credit math courses.  The high school math department recommends the TI-30 XII S scientific calculator. 

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