Advanced Chem Syllabus

Adv. Chemistry Syllabus
Danielle Solomon
Room 225
Masters of Science in Natural Sciences: Physical Science Emphasis (15 hrs Chemistry)
Masters of Science in Education: Curriculum and Instruction (Parents Please contact ME!)

Text: Modern Chemistry by Holt, Rhinehart, and Winston

Prerequisites: Physics I & Algebra I (C or above) with teacher recommendation

Overview of course: Chemistry is a study of matter and its properties. Students will focus on properties of matter, interactions of matter, various states of matter, and their associated scientific laws. Emphasis will include a study of atomic structure and related mathematical concepts. The course is structured to include informational instruction, cooperative learning, guided and independent practice, and hands-on laboratory investigation. Emphasis is placed on inquiry skills involving formal reasoning, laboratory technique, verbal, mathematical and written communication.

Grades: 80% Summative: Tests, Quizzes, and Lab Practicum
                20% Formative: In-Class Assignments, Group Labs, and etc.

3-ring binder (1” or more)
5 tab dividers
Loose-leaf notebook paper (NO spiral notebooks)
Pen or pencil 

Class Outline:
First Semester
First Quarter
Chapter 1: Matter and Change
Chapter 2: Measurements ad Calculations
Chemical Names & Formulas from Chapter 7
Chapter 3: Atoms
Second Quarter
Chapter 4: Electrons
Chapter 5: Periodic Law Chapter 6: Bonding
Second Semester
Third Quarter
Chapter 7: Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds Chapter 8: Chemical Equations and Reactions
Chapter 9: Stoichiometry
Fourth Quarter
Ch. 10-1 & 11: Gases Chapter 12: Solutions
Chapter 14 & 15: Acids and Bases
Organic and Biochemistry if time is available